4 Tips To Clean Your Windows Like A Professional

Cleaning your windows can be a frustrating, streaky mess, but it doesn't have to be that way! Use the following 4 tips to get a professional grade cleaning every time you clean your windows.

1. Use A Scrubber

One of the keys to successfully cleaning your windows like a pro is to use good tools, so consider making the small investment.

Find a good scrubber that's covered in cloth or synthetic pile so you can scrub your windows gently and safely. Avoid using something abrasive, like gritty clothes or paper towels, on your windows since that could potentially scratch up the glass or remove any protective coating.

Make sure your scrubber is well saturated with your cleaning solution so that it picks up the majority of the dirt on your glass as it floods and rinses it. When you're scrubbing your windows, use small, circular motions.

2. Use A Squeegee

squeegee is an essential tool for pros because it gives you a streak-free window, so it's definitely something you'll want to use if you're aiming to clean your windows properly. A squeegee will pull all the dirt and water off your window, leaving it shiny and smudge-free. Using the proper technique is key.

After scrubbing your windows, use the squeegee starting in a top corner of the glass. Press the blade against it to make sure it's in full contact with your window, and pull it horizontally across the top. You should then tilt the squeegee on an angle so that the water flows down onto an area that's already wet. After each pull, you should wipe your blade off using a lint-free cloth in order to remove dirt and excess water. Microfiber towels would be useful for this, and a clean one can also be used for drying off your windows after you've finished washing them.

One thing you'll want to do is make sure your squeegee has a new, sharp rubber blade before using it. Buy replacement blades as well, because it should be changed frequently. The reason for the frequent blade change is that the blade can get nicked, rounded, or dull with use. If you find your blade is leaving streak marks on your window or isn't performing properly, it's a sign you need to change the blade, or flip it so the fresh edge is exposed instead.

3. Use Dish Detergent

Don't be fooled into buying special, expensive window cleaning solutions you see in the store. The best (and cheapest) thing to use is a little bit of dish detergent mixed into a bucket of water. You don't need to use too much soap. A little bit of suds are good because it'll help lubricate the blade of your squeegee as you're making passes to clean off the soap and water. They can also make it easier for you to see which areas need more scrubbing since the pattern of the bubbles will separate more wherever there is excess dirt you didn't manage to clean off properly.

4. Watch The Weather

Ideally, you'll wash your windows on a dull, cloudy day with no breeze. The reason cloudy skies make for the best type of weather for window washing is that it won't make your windows dry too quickly, buying you time to scrub and dry your windows yourself. If it dries too fast, you run the risk of getting water spots that will cloud up your window. Clean one window at a time so the detergent won't have time to dry on the glass.

If you have followed the tips in this article and still find that you are left with windows that just quite aren't clean to your satisfaction, then call in a professional window washer from a company like Clear View, Inc. to get the job done for you! 

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