Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Colored Siding And Touch-Up Kits

Pre-colored fiber cement siding is popular with homeowners. The main benefit to this material is that it is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. However, when the product is not properly installed, some of the boards may become damaged and need to be replaced. When this occurs, you will want to consider purchasing a color touch-up kit manufactured by the same company that made your siding. If you have never had to replace any of your siding, you may have many questions about this kit. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about pre-colored siding and color touch-up kits.

What are the Benefits to Using a Color Touch-Up Kit for Pre-Colored Siding?

Pre-colored siding is colored in the factory, rather than on-site, and shipped to your home to be installed. This means that you can't walk into your preferred hardware or home improvement store and find the same color paint being sold in the store as the color and type that is on your siding. And if the paint isn't exactly the same, you may be able to see color variances when you touch the paint up. This is a common issue with pre-colored siding. Buying a touch-up kit made by the company who manufactures your siding will help ensure the color on your siding is consistent.

The other major benefit to using this kit is that you keep your warranty intact. Most major manufacturers offer a warranty for their fiber cement siding. The length of this warranty varies, based on the specific type of siding you have chosen and who manufacturers it. However, in order for the warranty to be valid, you must follow the terms and conditions that they have laid out. One condition that is very typical in siding warranties is that you use their products for sealing edges and coloring the siding, both of which come in the color touch-up kit. If you use any regular paint or edge sealer, your warranty may be void.

Can a Homeowner Buy the Color Touch-Up Kit or Do You Have to Be a Contractor?

Most siding company manufacturers do not sell their products at hardware or home improvement stores. They are typically sold through licensed vendors and contractors. As such, you may be wondering if you can purchase a touch-up kit on your own or if the product is only sold to siding contractors. Typically, you have two options for purchasing a kit. You can find a local licensed siding contractor or vendor and ask them to sell you a kit. However, they may have limited availability and may be unable to sell you one. Your other option is to contact the manufacturer directly. They can take an order via the telephone and ship you out a kit in the color you need.

How Do I Use a Color Touch-Up Kit?

Once you have the kit, you may be wondering how to use it. Aside from the type and color of paint, most kits are fairly standard and are easy to use. The kit comes with two different products. It contains an edge coater and a touch-up pen. Prior to using either product, shake it well to ensure the paint is mixed. Then dab the edge coater or pen on a piece of scrap material to ensure it is distributing paint evenly. After cutting any siding boards down to size, dab paint evenly on the sides using the edge coater. This seals the cut edges while also disguising the cut edge of a piece that may be placed on an open edge. After the boards are adhered into place, you will need to run the edge coater over the seams to disguise these seams. From there, you can use your touch-up pen to dab paint over any nail heads or flaws on the board to hide them. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry and add one more coat, if needed, after using the touch-up pen.

If you have to replace any portion of siding on your home, you have to decide whether or not you feel comfortable making the repairs yourself or whether you want to hire a siding contractor. If you decide to make the repairs yourself, you will want a color touch-up kit from your siding's manufacturer to ensure your siding is all the same color and to not void your warranty. Getting answers to the questions you have about this kit will best understand why it is needed and how to use it. For expert help, speak with professionals like

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