Tips, Tricks, and Info about Your Windshield You Need to Know

Your windshield is one of the most vital aspects of your vehicle. A windshield that is free of damages allows you to travel back and forth safely. Unfortunately, cracks and chips can affect the integrity of your windshield. Fortunately, some tips, tricks, and info can assist you in dealing with windshield damages and may even help you reduce the threat of damage in the future.

Know When to Repair and When to Replace

Damage to your windshield does not automatically mean you need to replace the entire piece of glass. In fact, knowing when to opt for repairs and when to opt for a replacement can save you a great deal of time, money, and stress. To begin with, you will need to assess the damage caused by the crack or chip in your windshield. Size is an important factor when determining if you need to repair or replace the windshield.

Your windshield is likely repairable for cracks under a foot long and chips that are smaller than a quarter in size. For larger cracks and chips, a professional will most likely tell you that you need to have your entire windshield replaced. You should address damages to your windshield immediately. Driving with a damaged windshield can impact the integrity of your vehicle greatly.

For instance, cracks and chips can weaken the windshield, therefore increasing the likelihood that you will sustain injuries in a roll-over accident. You also face the increased risk of ejection from your vehicle in an auto accident. Therefore, it is best to take your vehicle in for windshield repairs or replacement as soon as humanly possible.

Furthermore, if cracks and chips are within your line of sight, you could face a fine for driving with your damaged windshield. It is best to avoid driving your vehicle as much as possible to prevent any injuries or unnecessary tickets. Driving your vehicle while the windshield is damaged could cause the damage to spread, meaning you could end up spending more money than what is necessary.

Know What Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes cracks and chips are unavoidable. However, there are certain mistakes you can avoid that can increase the likelihood of windshield damage. Keep in mind that approximately 30% of auto insurance claims are the result of windshield damages, which places windshields at the top of the list for insurance claims throughout the United States.

Among the most common types of cracks are edge cracks, which are also known as residual stress cracks. Edge cracks occur within two inches of the windshield's surrounding perimeter and are usually related to a manufacturing defect. Although these types of cracks are unavoidable, you can avoid various other types of cracks.

Cracks can form because of extreme temperature changes within your vehicle. When warming up your car, do so gradually. The same goes for cooling down your vehicle. Never put the heat or AC on full blast. A sudden and dramatic change in temperature within your vehicle compared to the temperature outside your vehicle can cause your windshield to crack.

Drastic temperature changes can also occur if you happen to wash your vehicle with cold water on a hot day. When washing your vehicle, make sure the water is not too cold to avoid the possibility of stress cracks forming on your windshield. You should also never pour hot water over an icy windshield. Instead, use a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol and spray it over your windshield to melt the ice.

Changes in pressure within your vehicle may also weaken your windshield and cause it to crack. For that reason, you should avoid slamming your doors while your windows are rolled up. Slamming your doors while the windows are rolled up can cause pressure to build inside your vehicle, which can in turn cause cracks in the windshield to spread.

Finally, park your car in a garage, under a carport, or in the shade whenever possible rather than leaving it parked out in the sun. Windshield cover protectors are also a great option, particularly if you live in an area prone to storms and hail damage that can crack or chip your windshield.

No matter what steps you take to reduce damage to your windshield, sometimes it is unavoidable. If your windshield happens to suffer any damage, take it to a professional immediately. Although you may be tempted to perform your own repairs, one mistake could cause more damage, which could mean more money out of pocket for you. Look for windshield repair in Milford, DE or your local area.

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