Residential Window Cleaning Services: When The Maids Won't Do It

Everyone knows that most maids and housekeepers will not do windows. In fact, if you have a maid or housekeeper that does windows, you are very fortunate indeed. As for everyone else, they either have to do windows themselves (a daunting task if you have two or more stories to your home) or hire residential window cleaning services. However, you may be very impressed by residential window cleaners, and here is why.

They Do Not Just Clean the Inside

Even you could clean the insides of your windows, if you wanted to. Residential window cleaners go beyond that by cleaning the outsides of windows too. Really, it is the pollution, dirty rain water and smog (where applicable) that causes your windows to look dirty and not be as translucent as they should. The cleaners will either erect platforms outside around your house to clean the outside surfaces of your windows, or (with your permission) use a platform and scissors lift or cherry picker truck for the job. At the same time, a second team will be indoors cleaning the windows from the inside, thereby cutting the cleaning time in half.

They Polish the Glass and Add Rain Deterrent upon Request

After the windows are squeaky clean, many cleaning services also dry the windows so the drops of cleaning solution and water do not create new rivulets of cloudiness. If you want, and if they have the product, the service team can apply a rain water deterrent to the outside surfaces of the windows. This is similar to a product used in higher quality windshield cleaners in that rain water or melted ice and snow will only bead up and run off. It helps keep your newly-cleaned windows clean for much longer than not using the deterrent.

You Can Schedule Repeat Service as You Like

Like your maids or housekeeper, you can schedule repeat window cleaning services as often as you like. Most window cleaning companies recommend once or twice a month, but more often may be necessary if you live in a city with frequent smog or dense air pollution. If you live out in the country where the air is relatively fresh and clean, you may only need window cleaning services a few times a year. Consult with the company you hire for the job to see how often they would recommend window cleaning services for your home.

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