Four Curtain Ideas For Rustic, Country Homes

If you want to maintain a rustic, country look throughout your entire home, then you need to look to your windows. The right window treatments can make the whole room! Thankfully, you have a lot of options for curtains that will retain the country appeal.


If your home has a cozy, wintry look, perhaps plaid curtains would look lovely. You can look for ones in mostly neutral tones with just a hint of an accent color running through them. The accent color in the plaid curtains can be the color of the walls or of your carpet. If you choose plaid flannel curtains, you can use them in the fall and winter, and then switch out to something a little more summery when the weather warms up. Use some plaid accents like a table skirt or area rug, too, and rotate them out with the seasons.


For a more lighthearted, vintage appeal, try looking for lace curtains. White lace can look very appealing in a country home that has a lot of darker wood accents. Or you could go with pink or gold for a bit more creativity. If you want more coverage than a lace curtain offers, try using solid-colored cotton or flannel curtains right against the windows with lace curtains in front, overlaying them.

Embroidered with Flowers

This is another way to bring a more feminine appeal to your country home. Plain white or cream curtains with embroidery in the corners will coordinate well with painted furniture, whitewashed woodwork, and the like. You can find ones with little flowers, and perhaps even with your family's initials worked into a corner somewhere. If you cannot find embroidered curtains you like, try buying plain, solid-colored curtains, and hiring someone to embroider them for you.


Gingham is an old-fashioned fabric that features little white dots on a solid background. It has a very country appeal that will remind you of Little House on the Prairie and similar books. Choose darker colors of gingham if your room is otherwise light-colored. If your room is rather dark, you can accentuate the windows with pink or yellow gingham. Look for curtains with a little lace on the edge for extra elegance.

Any of the options above will look lovely in your rustic home! Explore additional options through a window treatment vendor near you, and don't be afraid to branch out and try something new. 

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