Why You Should Still Consider Wooden Windows

Replacing the window fixtures in your home is obviously a major construction project.  But, even though it is an expensive and inconvenient remodel, it is one that is well worth it when you consider the long-term benefits of having new windows. This article explains why, if you want to invest in new windows, wood is still a great material choice for the sashes.

Why Wood is Still Popular

Wood has been used in the construction of window frames and sashes for a very long time. However, most modern windows are very different from traditional wood windows. Most importantly, they aren't just made out of wood and glass (like they used to be). Most modern wooden windows have a vinyl or synthetic structure that holds the glass pane in place. The hinges and sliders are also attached to the synthetic core, rather than the actual wood. The wood is just a thin layer or veneer on the outside of the synthetic sash material.

This all means that modern wood windows still look like they're made out of just wood, but the actual interior structure is a more reliable material. You might barely be able to see the sides of the synthetic core when the window is open. But, when it is closed, you will see only wood and glass.

That is, having wood as the core of your window can be problematic because it alters as the moisture and temperature changes. Most importantly, wood can swell and warp when it gets wet. This is obviously a big problem if you have a glass pane attached directly to the ever-changing wood. This is why it is so common for old wooden windows to have loose, rattly glass panes. But, modern windows with secure, vinyl cores are not going to have any of these problems.

Taking Care of Wooden Windows

It is important to point out that wood is still going to need some TLC. The outside of your wooden windows are still going to be exposed to the elements, so they can get worn down in many ways. For instance, the wood stain can fade away from sun exposure. As a homeowner, if you own wooden windows, you will need to refinish them or paint them a few times over the lifetime of your home.

As you can see, wood is not that hard to keep up. It is still a great choice for your window replacement project. For more information, contact a business such as Kemp's Windows Inc.

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