Steps You Must Follow After Your Window Breaks

When your window breaks, you will need to decide whether you will repair or replace it. But in addition to repairing or replacing your broken window, you will need to figure out what to do with the broken window and all that glass.

Get it Repaired Soon

You must not delay when having your broken window fixed. Broken windows tend to attract criminals who are more likely to break into the home. A broken window suggests that the property owner either doesn't care about the property or that the building is abandoned.

As soon as someone breaks your window, you will want to call the police immediately. The police report will create a record that you can then use when filing an insurance claim. Your homeowner's insurance policy will likely cover broken windows and will have them replaced promptly. Before cleaning up, call your insurance provider so they can send a representative who can document the damage. 

Secure the Area

While waiting for your window to be repaired, make sure to cover it. Board up the opening so that intruders cannot take advantage of the broken window. If you are using heating or air conditioning, look for alternative ways to keep cool or warm that do not cause you to use a lot of energy. 

Clean Up Glass Shards Carefully

Before boarding up the pane and cleaning the glass, assess the area. There may be a piece of glass that could fall from the window and cut you while you're working. If you have others living with you, isolate the area before cleaning up the glass. Children and pets should be kept in a different room. Place furniture or other barriers around the cleanup area to keep others from accidentally stepping on glass shards.

While cleaning up broken glass, make sure to wear protective gloves. Even when sweeping shards of glass up, you could trip and fall on the glass shards, so be very careful. Have a first aid kit ready to treat yourself in the event of a cut. 

Clean up the glass with a vacuum, broom, and dustpan. Run the vacuum slowly so the shards do not get caught underneath the wheel and scratch your floor. Place the shards in a garbage bag that has been double-bagged. After vacuuming a carpet, use a small scrub brush to agitate the fibers to lift the tiny shards of glass. Once the area has been cleaned and secured, you can then wait for the glass repair or broken window replacement company to arrive.

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