4 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for a window treatment option that's a little bit different than just another set of curtains, you might want to look at the benefits of plantation shutters before you finalize your plans.  While normal shutters are installed on the exterior of the home, plantation shutters are installed on the inside of your house. Here are four reasons why this might be right for you.

1. Add Old-World Style

To put it simply, plantation shutters offer an elegant and unique look offering old-world charm. A good set of plantation shutters can add quite a bit of sophistication to an otherwise boring area of the room. 

2. Nothing to Fuss With

Another benefit plantation shutters can provide is that it's incredibly easy to open and close them. There are no dangling cords to mess around with, and you won't have to open and close a set of blinds multiple times until you can finally get them to settle at the right height. Plantation shutters can add the perfect final touch to your decor without ever becoming a hassle to deal with.

3. Great Mix of Light and Privacy

Plantation shutters can be opened or closed at just the right angle that you desire. Bring them wide open to let in as much sunlight as possible while still maintaining a great look or close them all the way and you'll have just as much privacy as a set of blinds would provide. Crack them open just a bit, and you'll be able to let in some sunlight while still mostly obscuring what is going on inside the home.

4. Add Value

If you enjoy making additions to your home that you know will increase its value on the market should you decide to move, plantation shutters are a great choice. Most home buyers will consider these shutters to be a premium option when compared to a generic curtain set. You might be spending a bit of cash now to get them installed, but you might make that money back quite easily if you ever do sell the home.

If you are looking for a unique window treatment for your home, take a hard look at plantation shutters. Installing these shutters inside your home can add a level of sophistication to a specific room that curtains will find hard to replicate. This old-world charm comes without the hassle of blinds and still offers a great mix of privacy versus sunlight options. Talk to a plantation shutters company today for more information.

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