3 Tips To Help You Save On New Window Installation By Doing Your Own Prep Work

New windows can be a great investment for your home that adds value and saves energy. New window installation is also a costly home improvement and you want to be able to cut costs wherever possible. To reduce the cost of your window installation project, do the preparation work yourself. Most of the work that needs to be done is removing old windows and doing minor repairs to all the openings. Here are some tips that will help you save on new window installation by doing your own preparation work.

1. Removing Old Window Sashes And Preparing For Replacement Window Installation

After improving the windows in your home, replacement and new windows will be used. First, you will want to remove old window sashes to prepare for the installation of replacement windows. This step should be done to all windows that will be replaced. After you have removed the sashes, you also want to remove all the hardware and any weather stripping that is attached to the window casing.

2. Cleaning Up Around The Casing To Make Installation Of Replacement Windows Easier

Once the old window sashes have been removed, you will need to clean up around the edges of the opening so that the new replacement window can fit inside the casing. Sometimes, there are pieces of trim and wood strips where the old sashes were located. Remove all these materials to make sure the opening for new replacement windows is smooth and clean.

3. Removing Interior Trim And All The Casing For New Window Installation

For new window installation, you want to start by removing the interior trim so that the old window can easily be removed. Once the trim is removed, remove any insulation between the casing and wood framing. Look between the gap of the wood casing and framing for fasteners that need to be cut loose. Have someone hold the windows from the outside in case there are no fasteners on the exterior of the window. If the window cannot be pushed out of the opening, use a utility knife to cut around paint and caulking on the exterior of the window.

These are some tips that will help you save on new window installation by doing your own preparation work. If you are ready to add value to your home and start saving energy, contact a residential window installation service for help with these home improvements. 

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