Reasons To Install A Bay Window In Your Kitchen

If you're about to have the windows in your home replaced, you'll have the option of changing the style of windows present in your kitchen. If there is a window above the kitchen counter, you may want to replace it with a half-height bay window. Here are a few advantages of installing this type of window.

Bay windows let in plenty of sunlight.

It's amazing how some sunlight can transform the look of a room. More light can make a room feel larger, and it can make the colors seem more vibrant. Both of these changes are good for a kitchen. You'll have an easier time seeing what you're doing as you prepare food with more sunlight. Your meals will be more enjoyable in a space that feels open and spacious, too. Bay windows let in more light than other window styles since they capture sunlight from multiple angles.

Bay windows are the perfect place to grow plants.

Maybe you've always wanted an herb garden, or perhaps you just wish your spider plants were greener. A bay window provides the perfect spot to place your plant — the platform to the inside of the window. The plant will get sunlight from three sides, which will help it grow strong. People are often able to keep herbs alive through all four seasons with a bay window, thanks to the increased sunlight and warmth.

A bay window can serve as a focal point in the kitchen

Every kitchen needs something unique to draw attention. Stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large appliances are pretty generic, even if you buy the nice ones. But not everyone has a bay window. It makes quite a statement. Guests will notice it, and you can decorate around it, creating a balanced look.

A bay window can improve your ventilation. 

If you've ever accidentally burnt some toast, you know how important ventilation is in a kitchen. You simply cannot have two much! With a bay window, there are at least two window panes you can operate -- sometimes three. Wind can blow in from multiple directions, so you won't have a hard time clearing smoke or steam from your kitchen.

If you want to make a positive change to your kitchen with your next window replacement, consider installing a bay window above the counter. You'll enjoy all of the benefits above, plus the exterior of your home will get a little facelift. Contact a company, like A United Window Inc., for more help.

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