Why Would You Put A Bay Or Bow Window In Your Home?

When you initially see how much it would cost to add a bay or bow window to your home, your inclination will probably be to say "no" to these window options. They are, after all, expensive—mostly because they take a long time for window companies to install. However, bay and bow windows do have a lot of advantages. If you can fit one into your budget, you'll almost surely appreciate having this type of window for the following reasons.

1. You get better ventilation. 

If the breeze is coming from the east, you can open the window panels on the east side of your bay window. If it is coming from the west, you can open the window panels on the west side of the bay window. And if you open all of the windows, you'll get even more airflow from every direction. Some homeowners are able to rely less on their air conditioners when they have a bay window because the window itself just offers such amazing ventilation. 

2. You can enjoy more of the view.

Do you live in a beautiful area, but feel like you never really get to see that natural beauty from inside your home? A bay window can fix that! You can easily look out from the window and enjoy the view in every direction. If you opt for a floor-to-ceiling bay window, you can stand in the middle of the window arrangement and actually feel like you're outside in nature since it will surround you on all three sides.

3. You'll get more light in your home.

A bay window captures more light throughout the day. In the morning, the light will stream in from the windows facing east. Throughout the day, the sun will rise in the sky and start streaming in those middle windows, before beginning to stream in the west-facing windows as evening draws closer.

4. Your space will have a focal point.

Interior designers often recommend choosing a focal point to emphasize when you decorate a room. It can be hard to decide on a single focal point, but if you have a bay window installed, then of course the window can be that focal point. Everyone's eyes will be drawn to it, so you can enjoy its beauty.

Bay windows can be expensive, but they have a lot of benefits and are often worth the price tag. Consult a window company like Window Depot of Cincinnati to learn more.

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