5 Types Of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane-resistant shutters are among the most sturdy, high-quality shutters for homes and businesses alike. Hurricane shutters are designed to protect windows, doors, and even patio openings from severe weather. Fortunately, several styles of hurricane shutters can meet the functional and decorative needs of any home or business. Explore the benefits of the five most common types of hurricane shutters below.   


Panels are the only removable hurricane shutters, requiring additional storage when not in use. While there is no concern about aesthetics when the weather is nice, panels must be manually installed before a storm begins.

Panels are customizable with three different material options: aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate. Aluminum and steel offer durability and polycarbonate provides both protection and visibility during a storm.


Accordion hurricane shutters are installed on the sides of an opening with a horizontal track. The permanent addition can simply be pulled horizontally closed before a storm begins.

While these are not considered the most beautiful hurricane shutters, they are an ideal solution for patio doors and other large openings when vertical shutters or panels may present difficulties. The most common material for accordion shutters is aluminum. 


Roll-up shutters are considered one of the most popular hurricane shutter styles. Similar to the accordion shutters, the roll-up shutters are a permanent installation; however, they are mounted above the opening rather than on the side. They roll down into a steel frame housing during a storm and can be rolled up into a discrete, overhead housing when not in use. 

These sleek shutters are generally made from aluminum and come with a variety of customization options. For example, most roll-up shutters can be controlled by hand, with a crank, or with a motor. 


Bahama shutters are a permanent addition to exterior windows with a vertical hinge system. Because of the vertical style, they can be used to provide shade when the weather is nice, but this also limits the types of windows they can be installed over. 


Colonial shutters are a great option for homeowners who are looking for a classic aesthetic for their homes. These shutters look exactly like regular shutters with a hinged opening mechanism, but they are made from aluminum. 

Key Considerations

Protection is the number one concern for homeowners or business owners that are in the market for hurricane-resistant shutters, but style, ease of use, storage, and code compliance are all things to keep in mind when shopping for your new hurricane shutters. 

Contact a local hurricane shutter service to learn more. 

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