Are Your Old Windows Causing Major Airloss All Year? Get New Energy Efficient Options Installed And Save Today

If the windows in your home aren't doing your job and you know you need to make the upgrade to new energy-efficient options, talk with a window installation contractor today. Getting new windows for the home won't just help to improve energy efficiency, but they will also protect the structure of the home as well. Here are some of the things to pay attention to as you start talking to contractors.

Specifics in the Quote

There should be a variety of specific details in the estimate you get from the contractor. Expenses you should expect to see include:

  • Old window removal
  • Permits
  • Labor for prep work and installation
  • Cleanup

You will have a window of time after the date of the inspection that the quote is valid and you can put down a deposit to lock in the price for the project. The details for the quote should also layout:

  • Contractor licensing information
  • Start date
  • Company insurance specifics
  • Contract termination requirements

Taking the time to go through the estimate that you get and to read the contractual obligations you are committing to when you pay your deposit is important. Compare the terms and conditions and costs for more than one installation company.

Windows and Materials

Choosing the best energy-efficient windows for your home is easy if you follow the right guidelines. Energy Star-approved windows have been chosen by the EPA as the best energy-efficient options on the market.

The energy-efficient windows will have the following features to improve the efficiency of your home:

  • Double or triple-paned glass
  • Quality frame materials like fiberglass, vinyl, or metal
  • Warm edge spacers
  • Gas fills between the glass and frame

During the installation, the installation team will make sure that all windows are installed properly and sealed to prevent air loss. Ask during the quote what other changes may be needed during installation to improve efficiency, like new insulation or a vinyl wrap.

Window Coverings

After the installation of the new efficient windows, you may want to get new window coverings to help improve the heating and cooling efficiency in your home even more. Window coverings can help prevent air loss and stop heating from coming inside the home.

Don't let old and worn windows be a risk to your home or cause heating and cooling concerns for the home. Get quotes and find the best energy-efficient options for your property and get the windows installed today. For more information on energy-saving windows, contact a company near you.

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